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 My contrast with others.  I believe I am the better candidate because these are the issues I have found paramount to the voters and citizens of this Congressional district and I can best articulate and represent.  Its difficult to claim to legitimately represent the cross section of this district if you are not talking about ... 
1.  IMMIGRATION POLICY: Immigration and the refugee crisis and the epidemic of violence in Latin America ... caused by the the United States drug appetite and those cartels who will terrorize and kill to control the human trafficking and narcotics transportation arteries that wind up in the veins of an addicted America.  Why are Cubans, Haitians and  Mexicans held to different standards for admission?
THE VIOLENCE THAT COMES FROM DRUGS AND HUMAN TRAFFICKING ... 40 or more of the 50 most violent / homicide prone cities in the world are in the countries to our south.  This creates a tidal wave of Latino refugees who are fleeing for their lives.
2.  We spend more to "get high" in America than we do on "higher education."
3. EDUCATION: The money we spend favoring incarceration over education.  We never seem to have enough resources "to educate" our young people at age 10, but always seem to find enough "to incarcerate" them at age 20. We spend twice as much on prisoners than we do on pupils.
... One of our most foolish decisions was to make incarceration a for-profit industry.  Recidivism rates are north of 70% and we get no dividends from locking people up.  
I think we are a better nation than to make "incarceration" a growth industry.
4. VETERAN HEALTH CARE:  Veteran suicides are above the national average.   Veteran suicides average approximately 22 per day, yet we shrink that portion of the VA budget that would provide psychiatric health services. For our female veterans the rate is 2.5 times higher than for our males.
5.   ECONOMICS:  Wasting human capital and property tax dollars invested in the education of 800,000+ "Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)"  and "Temporary Protective Status (TPS)" by deporting them from our country. Texas (in the bottom third among states investing in public education) averages around $10,000 per capita on students.  Multiply that $10k x 800k and that's how much we "flush away." And, a self inflicted wound to the economy.
... we need the labor.  Our geriatric population is expanding, living longer.  Right now we have more people eligible for social services and other entitlements than we do workers contributing taxes to finance them.  We are inverted.  We need every worker we can keep.
6. FAMILY / EQUAL RIGHTS AND PROTECTIONS UNDER THE LAW:  Sexual exploitation of women has for too long been among the "quiet catastrophes" in America.  The "#MeToo" initiative should be supported and proliferated throughout the country.
... Equal pay for equal work.  The Ledbetter Initiative should put women on an equal footing as men when it comes to pay.  Right now there is around a 20% difference.  Close the gap.
7.  PAY DISPARITY:  A prominent issue in the national elections, here in El Paso we have candidates who facilitate pay increases for themselves or for their tacit own benefit.  Taking money ... in tax dollars ... from the people who can least afford it.  The median income per capita in El Paso is estimated at $25,000 .  You don't vote yourself a pay increase or approve a pay raise that rivals the President of the United States ... and claim to be a careful steward of the public check book.  That is the peoples money.  
A challenge ... go on line.  Web search "America's 11 poorest cities."
"Two temptations come with leadership; serve the people who elected you ... or to be self-serving."   What do you think we have in this race.
There are more.  I'll call these the 'magnificent 7."   
Closing question:  After the last eight years are you considerably better off today than you were eight years ago?  

Jerome Tilghman for Congress Campaign.
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